3DN Education Project


  • Purpose(Why)
    1. In the ability to write fundamentally about what the Education Project need, is intended to achieve. In the case this Education Projects is developed for a long time, the method will became the goal and will sometimes be far from the original goal, a clearly written purpose is needed.
    2. Base on the change in business, the purpose will also change, so recording why, when these changes are important.
  • Estimate Budget(How): This is the mount of money needed to develop the system.
  • Term(When): It is also necessary to decide on the completion date of each module, test execution schedule, deadline for completion if errors are found.
  • Operation (WHERE, WHAT, WHO): Clarify assumptions about how the complete system is used: who, where, how.
  • External design spec :
    1. Explanations of diagrams convert specific pages and screen each page (user interface-UI).
    2. External design document is a blueprint not the letter but is a tool to verify that the system meets the conditions set out or not.

Functional Requiments

*A free Library Management system :

  1. Users are granted a separate account.
  2. Users can search, print articles.
  3. Users can provide their own storage area.
  4. Online Courses (quizzes and flashcard ) where users can test their level from basic (free) to advance (purchase).
  • Location course (in Vietnamese): Make sure critical information on courses and schedules is available, the price quotation also.
  • Open up alternative learning opportunities such as online course:
    1. Online course hit to the public.
    2. increased learning opportunities for people don't have time to attend regular classes or they live far away.
  • social link.
  • blog have include news and post something.

Education site

  • find a perfect theme for education site and has some advanced features.
  • make sure about automatically creates a context specific index for your Wordpress website, can use the plugins " Table of Contents Plus" --- ---
  • useful features:
    1. Individual pages for each teacher and course.
    2. Support for custom events.
    3. Integration with WooCommerce? for easier course and payment management.
    4. Testimonial and gallery sections.
    5. Fully-functional contact forms.
    6. Contact information featured in your footer and a secondary navigation bar.
  • pick the right plugin to set up online course.

3DN Site Map

==Goals and Success Criteria

  • Training according to the criteria: "Learning to make sure the job"
  • The benefits you will gain after the course:
    1. Use HTML and CSS to build the website interface
    2. Students have the ability to build a static website
    3. Create their own applications for business and profit seeking


  • Course Outline:
    1. Website and HTML Language Overview
    2. HTML and HTML 5 Language + CSS Basics + CSS3 Website Interface Editing + Basic Javascript and Control Structures + Objects and Functions Sets in Javascript + jQuery Framework + Validates the data
    3. Course duration.
    4. Quizzes and Flashcard.
    5. Libary.


  • Sidebar: + Search + Categories + Sort by { featured, latest, most popular }
  • Main Content.
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