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3DN Education Project


  • In the ability to write fundamentally about what the Education Project need, is intended to achieve. In the case this Education Projects is developed for a long time, the method will became the goal and will sometimes be far from the original goal, a clearly written purpose is needed.
  • Base on the change in business, the purpose will also change, so recording why, when these changes are important.


  • need to install Google maps plugin so we can show where students need to go.
  • make sure critical information on courses and schedules is available, the price quotation also.
  • provide information on the qualifications of the faculty, and open up alternative learning opportunities such as online course.
    1. online course hit to the public.
    2. increased learning opportunities for people dont have time to attend regular classes or they live far away.
  • social link.
  • blog have include news and post something.
  • sign in and sign out form.
    1. the information of the users.
    2. the time they log in and out and how long they can stay at the website.
    3. they can have space to storage their own objects or their lessons.
    4. they can get free account of hosting to test their website while theyre learning and have a good price after the course.

Education site

  • find a perfect theme for education site and has some advanced features.
  • useful features:
    1. Individual pages for each teacher and course.
    2. Support for custom events.
    3. Integration with WooCommerce? for easier course and payment management.
    4. Testimonial and gallery sections.
    5. Fully-functional contact forms.
    6. Contact information featured in your footer and a secondary navigation bar.
  • pick the right plugin to set up online course.

3DN Site Map

==Goals and Success Criteria

  • Training according to the criteria: "Learning to make sure the job"
  • The benefits you will gain after the course:
    1. Use HTML and CSS to build the website interface
    2. Students have the ability to build a static website
    3. Create their own applications for business and profit seeking


  • Course Outline:
    1. Website and HTML Language Overview
    2. HTML and HTML 5 Language + CSS Basics + CSS3 Website Interface Editing + Basic Javascript and Control Structures + Objects and Functions Sets in Javascript + jQuery Framework + Validates the data
    3. Course duration.
    4. Quizzes and Flashcard.
    5. Libary.


  • Sidebar: + Search + Categories + Sort by { featured, latest, most popular }
  • Main Content.

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