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    4646Will intergrate with other 3DN server hosting web content.
     48= Navigation
    49 = Navigation
     501. Navigation bars will appear at the top, sticky bar.
     512. Clicking the logo on subordinate pages will navigate back to the homepage.
     523. Forward and Back buttons will be complaint with selected web browser (IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google, etc... )
     534. Links will be available and legacy systems as appropriate.(?)
     545. The site will include "bread crumbs" on tier 1 and 2 pages.
     55   (Breadcrumbs trail is an additional navigation tag on the page used to optimize the visitor's engagement on the site. In essence, Breadcrumbs is a collection of hierarchical links that let users know which page they are on and from which they can navigate smoothly across different pages on the site.)
     56   a-- Location breadcrumbs.
     57   b-- Attribute breadcrumbs.
     58   c-- Path Breadcrumbs.
     596. The user will drill down a maximum of 3 screens from either the home page or a tier 3 page.
     607. Web pages will be able to load completely within 10 seconds on a 56k dial-up connection.(?)
     618. No scrolling will be needed on the homepage(?)
     629. The home pages will have  a link to tier 3 pages.
     6310. Resource Links will use web technologies to display associated tier 1 or 2 page links.
     6411. Tier 1 pages will provide links to associated tier 2 pages.
     6512. Tier 2 pages will retain same navigation features as their associated tier 1
     6713. Tier 3 pages will provide links to organizational specific pages(tier 4)
     6814. Tier 4 departmental pages (excluding individual faculty and staff pages)may be linked from both tier 2 and 3 pages
     6915. Tier 5 pages will be linked from tier 4 pages.
     7016. Links to .pdf files, MS Office documents, external sites, and the resources will open in a new browser window.
     7117. A footer will be displayed on the homepage and all tier 1 through 3 pages;
     72the footer will include:
     73a. Copyright information.
     74b. Form page to submit comments about the web site – routed to Web Services Manager.
     75c. Link to 3DN contact information.
     76d. Privacy policy.
    5178= Logo