Welcome to the 3DN Trac


I'm currently working on a functional specifications design on using Trac within 3DN, however I'd like to give a brief explanation here on the main page at the very least. Trac is one of those brilliant opensource tools that are available free of charge. It's really quite amazing what kind of rich functionality one can simply download and install for free these days.

So 3DN is a 'company' alright, it means we do work for money and try to make more money coming into the company than going out. After all most people need money in order to buy groceries, to pay their rent etc. etc. and we are not really different in that sense. However, we also believe that work should be 'fun'. It should really be an activity that inspires and makes for good cooperation with others. The 'opensource' community is a vibrant and dynamic community where many people participate in doing what they enjoy doing; Programming.

We feel that the privilege to use such great software should be reciprocated. As Trac helps us organizing our business and thereby makes it easier to earn some money, we feel that this is worth some of our own effort as well. As a consequence we have for example signed up with Transifex so we can provide Trac with Dutch and Vietnamese translations of their interface.

In any case, we have only just started utilizing Trac within our company so we still have lots to learn, Below are some links to key areas, some of which will be more logically divided into sections at some point.


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